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Year 12 Students Make a Difference with Charity Mission Employable



Earlier this year, our Year 12 students took part in a volunteering initiative with one of our partnered charities, Mission Employable. Mission Employable is a remarkable charity that works with young adults with learning difficulties. It provides a comprehensive programme for its interns, offering a mix of work experience, soft skills training for the workplace, and essential lessons in Maths and English. This holistic approach ensures that the interns are well-equipped for their future careers, instilling confidence and competence.

Over 12 weeks, our students visited the cafe each week, engaging with the interns and guiding them through the process of building their CVs. This not only helped the interns develop crucial digital and communication skills, but also allowed our students to gain valuable experience in mentoring and supporting others. The interaction between the students and interns was an incredible testament to the skills of our young people and the rapport and friendship was delightful to watch. 

As the program concluded, we celebrated with a special event at MD to honour the efforts and achievements of both our students and the interns. Although the rain played spoilsport and curtailed our outdoor picnic plans, it didn't dampen our spirits. The celebration continued with a delightful assortment of picnic food and a tense game of Jenga, which added a competitive edge to the afternoon. As the sun finally showed its face, the interns introduced our students to their favourite game, Silent Ball. This simple yet engaging activity brought everyone together with lots of laughter.The event was a testament to the strong bonds formed over the weeks of volunteering and the positive impact of the Mission Employable programme.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that we will be seeking new volunteers from our incoming Year 12 cohort for the 24/25 partnership with Mission Employable. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for students to make a real difference in their community, develop essential life skills, and form meaningful connections.

We are incredibly proud of our Year 12 students for their dedication and compassion in supporting the interns at Mission Employable. Their contributions have not only helped them on their journey to employment but have also enriched their own lives in countless ways. We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership and witnessing more inspiring stories of collaboration and success for everyone involved.


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