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Celebrated Culture Day


On Friday, 28th June, we celebrated our annual Culture Day. This vibrant event, organised primarily by our Year 12 Diversity Prefect, was a day of enrichment, awareness, and celebration of the diverse cultures within our MD community.

In preparation for the event, the Year 12 Diversity Prefect assigned students the task of creating poster presentations on the theme "inspirational person from my culture(s)." The response was overwhelming, with many students producing fantastic posters that highlighted individuals who have made significant impacts. Some students also chose to create posters about their family histories, sharing touching and inspiring stories from their heritage.

During lunchtime, a variety of engaging activities took place, including face painting, football competitions, and a tuck shop. All staff and students were encouraged to wear cultural dress that reflected their identity or heritage, whether that meant donning the colours of their national flag or even bringing a flag to MD. The money collected from the non-uniform day and other activities was donated to the charities Mission EmployAble and Show Racism the Red Card. Students were also invited to think about the food they brought for lunch, selecting dishes that represented their cultural heritage and sharing them with friends.

Beyond Culture Day, our MD remains committed to tackling discrimination, building inclusivity, and pursuing equality. We have partnered with organisations like Equaliteach and Bold Voices to ensure that every member of our MD community experiences dignity and kindness. Our curriculum is designed to be broad, thoughtful, and enriching, with dedicated discussion times during form time and assembly programs to explore different perspectives.

Culture Day was not just a celebration but a reflection of our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all. We joined together to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our MD community and contribute to a more understanding and inclusive world.


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